New Beginnings and Starting Over

New Beginnings (Book One) and Starting Over (Book Two) by Cori Garrison
Every now and then you find an author who takes you on an emotional journey, Cori Garrison delivers that with these two books. We’re taken on a journey of pain, healing, self-discovery and love.
Book one opens with Sam Evans experiencing a personal tragedy that no one wants to go through. Her older sister Shawn and her friend Jenna step up to help her through the next few months and along the way Sam starts to make discoveries about herself. Those discoveries will affect her relationship with her sister, her parents, her child and with Jenna.
Families are complicated, and not all are healthy, sometimes you walk away, other times you’re pushed away. In Starting Over, Shawn Evans is in a loving relationship, Sam and Jenna’s relationship continues to grow, and Stacy Evans, the youngest sister, has moved to the area to be closer to her sisters against her parents’ wishes. After a confrontation between Shawn and her father, Shawn leaves to find peace with herself. Kindness from a stranger causes her to reexamine what she wants in life. The Evans sisters and their friends continue to build a new family, one based on respect, acceptance and love.
Throughout these books the characters are well developed, their problems are real, and the blooming romances are ripe with self-doubt and tenderness. The pacing is tight, the emotions are heart felt, and the overall feeling is one of hope. Well done.

Wicked Magic by K.T. Black

I’ve had this book on my reading list for several months and finally got a chance last night. It is a very  enjoyable novella, with a good pace, interesting characters and some good sex.
Chandler is estranged from her family for some very good reasons. She has built a nice life for herself with her career and a few close friends. When a mysterious and very sexy stranger moves next door her life starts to change in ways she never imagined.
Alex, the well to do sexy, new neighbor, is attracted to Chandler right away. With the help of her cat, and a mutual friend she is able to spend more time with Chandler and open a new world to Chandler.
Throw in a vindictive, slightly wacko ex-girlfriend and this new relationship is threatened in ways that neither woman could foresee, and for Chandler is quite frankly, out of this world.
A perfect read for a quiet evening at home.

What She Saw

I just finished What She Saw by J.S. Frankel.

This was the first sci fi I have read since I was a teenager. Right from the start this book starts to build the tension. Dr. Megan Collier is in a tailspin trying to deal with the fact that her girlfriend Amy Tang has walked out on her. Her life gets expectantly complicated when she is called back to work one evening to examine a body. This sexy, smart medical examiner can’t find a logical reason for the death. Soon another body arrives with injuries she can’t explain. Or at least explain and not be thought of as crazy.   As the pressure mounts will she be able to reveal what she thinks is the cause of the deaths? What if doing so risks her professional reputation?

Mr. Frankel has developed some wonderfully complex main characters and an assortment of secondary characters who are very colorful. This book will keep you turning pages. And it just may cause a nightmare or two.



A Woman Ignored (A Woman Lost Book 2) by T.B. Markinson

A Woman Ignored (A Woman Lost Book 2) by T.B. Markinson

This book is a wonderful conclusion in the Woman Lost Series. I laughed and cried as Lizzie faced her demons when a family crisis forces her to interact with her dysfunctional family. Since life doesn’t give us just one thing to deal with at a time Lizzie is surprised when her wife Sarah announces her own life altering desires.
Friends Maddie and Ethan stand by Lizzie through thick and thin, offering encouragement, advice and occasionally just telling her to smarten up. Lizzie handles the many emotional challenges thrown at her in her own unique way.
This is a well written story with complex personalities, difficult families relationships, loving friends and healing.

Forever Faithful by Isabella

Forever Faithful by Isabella
This is the follow up story to Always Faithful but can be read as a stand alone book. But read Always Faithful first, not just for the backstory but it too is a fantastic read.
Now a Colonel, Nichol (Nic) Caldwell is given orders to Afghanistan as soon as she graduates, instead of the promised position in Monterey. After arriving in Helmand Province she quickly realizes something is amiss with her mission. When something goes wrong Claire works hard to pick up the pieces of their life and hold their family together.
Isabella definitely did some research for this book and it shows in this story. Throughout the story we get a glimpse of life as a deployed marine who must follow orders, think on their feet, and be strong. Her descriptions of the surroundings are very realistic, you can feel the heat and taste the dirt. We also get a good look at the life of a military wife, whose spouse is on deployment. The recovery from injury, both physical and mental are complex and Isabella gives us a realistic glimpse of that.
This is a very good look at life for women who serve this country, and their journey which is not entirely like their male comrades, but not dramatically different either.
As a veteran I found this book both realistic and very interesting. It was also a very emotional read.