Forever Faithful by Isabella

Forever Faithful by Isabella
This is the follow up story to Always Faithful but can be read as a stand alone book. But read Always Faithful first, not just for the backstory but it too is a fantastic read.
Now a Colonel, Nichol (Nic) Caldwell is given orders to Afghanistan as soon as she graduates, instead of the promised position in Monterey. After arriving in Helmand Province she quickly realizes something is amiss with her mission. When something goes wrong Claire works hard to pick up the pieces of their life and hold their family together.
Isabella definitely did some research for this book and it shows in this story. Throughout the story we get a glimpse of life as a deployed marine who must follow orders, think on their feet, and be strong. Her descriptions of the surroundings are very realistic, you can feel the heat and taste the dirt. We also get a good look at the life of a military wife, whose spouse is on deployment. The recovery from injury, both physical and mental are complex and Isabella gives us a realistic glimpse of that.
This is a very good look at life for women who serve this country, and their journey which is not entirely like their male comrades, but not dramatically different either.
As a veteran I found this book both realistic and very interesting. It was also a very emotional read.

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