What She Saw

I just finished What She Saw by J.S. Frankel.

This was the first sci fi I have read since I was a teenager. Right from the start this book starts to build the tension. Dr. Megan Collier is in a tailspin trying to deal with the fact that her girlfriend Amy Tang has walked out on her. Her life gets expectantly complicated when she is called back to work one evening to examine a body. This sexy, smart medical examiner can’t find a logical reason for the death. Soon another body arrives with injuries she can’t explain. Or at least explain and not be thought of as crazy.   As the pressure mounts will she be able to reveal what she thinks is the cause of the deaths? What if doing so risks her professional reputation?

Mr. Frankel has developed some wonderfully complex main characters and an assortment of secondary characters who are very colorful. This book will keep you turning pages. And it just may cause a nightmare or two.



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